For this webinar, AccessCR invited the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare to provide an overview of the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework (Governance Framework) for consumers and trial participants.


Clinical trial service governance is an integrated component of the corporate and clinical governance of health service organisations and trial sites. It ensures that everyone, including frontline trial investigators undertaking clinical trials and members of governing bodies such as Boards, is accountable to patients and the community for assuring the delivery of clinical trials is of high quality, integrated into clinical care and continuously improving.


Dr Bernadette Aliprandi-Costa, Manager, Safety and Quality Improvement Systems and Intergovernmental Relations at the Commission presented the overview. This webinar was aimed specifically at the public, patients, carers and advocates interested in learning more about how clinical trials are being embedded in the Australian health system into the future.




The following are available to support this video, and can be obtained upon request by contacting us:

  • AccessCR’s introductory slides
  • ACSQHC presentation slides
  • Webinar transcript (up to the Q&A).