About Us


A Short History


AccessCR was founded in 2007 as a online portal to provide information to research professionals and the public about accessing and conducting clinical research.


Over the years, we have evolved into a consultancy and contracting service, helping research professionals keep up with and implement best practices around clinical research operations, research governance and public/patient engagement and involvement in research. We actively partner with other independent consultants and organisations to seek out and deliver the best solutions that are fit for purpose for the needs of our clients, whilst working to educate and build bridges between different stakeholder groups so as to bring new ideas to the table, and minimise duplication in effort in improving awareness, access to and the speed of clinical research.

We are particularly passionate about community outreacht around clinical research as a care option, and something the community can get actively contribute their health experiences to, helping shape the future research, treatments and care that will improve and save lives.


Some examples of our activities over the years have included moderating #AusCT/#WhyWeDoResearch tweetchat, the Clinical Trial Honour Roll (the first Australian International Clinical Trials Day activity), #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter and #AskAboutClinicalTrials campaigns, and Research4Me, alongside contribution to various working groups aligned with our desire to improve clinical trial efficiency and patient centricity and mentoring the next generation.


Our Mission

To improve the access to, quality, efficiency, relevance and experience of clinical trials.

Our Approach

Our first aim is to understand what you want to achieve, and the challenges/constraints of your environment and resources with a view to providing practical advice and solutions to support your efforts.

Our Values

* Efficient, Quality, Relevant, Achievable Clinical Trials

* Equitable Access to Clinical Trials

* Partnership & Respect

Our Experience

Through our own experience and extended network we have access to expertise in clinical trial operations and governance, quality management, training, project management, clinical governance and more.