Bracken Data Tools

When we find interesting tools to support clinical trials and our advocacy initiatives, we think it useful to share these with our community.


As such, we are sharing the links to the following two free tools from Bracken Data that our community might find interesting. Click on the titles to access the tools.




This Free tool provides a snapshot of data pulled from the US clinical trials registry – – about trial activity in Australia. You can use the filters in each subsection to change the data shown. 



This Conference Dashboard visualizes all medical conferences that have occurred or are planned around the globe in 2021 to give users an idea of which conferences they might want to attend. Inside is data on over 11,000 medical conferences taking place over the course of 2021.





Use and Transparency Statement: Use of these tools are at the discretion of users. AccessCR has no control over the content or publishing of either of these tools. For more information, please contact Bracken Data directly using the information on the tools. 

Bracken Data have provided a free listing of 2021 Australian conferences to AccessCR in support of the activities of the #PtInclusiveConf Initiative.