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AccessCR is committed to promoting the value of clinical trials and improving Australia’s clinical research environment.
The following are just a few ways we demonstrate this.

The #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter Campaign    

In support of our commitment to promoting clinical trials, on 1 May 2016 we launched the #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter campaign.  

This is a social event designed to give individuals and organisations an opportunity to tweet why they think Clinical Trials matter using a common hashtag in the lead up to International Clinical Trials Day, May 20th. Please feel free to use this hashtag to share #WhyClinicalTrialsMatter to you, and to incorporate this event into your own International Clinical Trials Day celebrations.

For more information, please visit the website, and follow @WhyCTsMatter on Twitter. 




The Clinical Trials Honour Roll                          

Rarely do we recognise the entire breadth of stakeholders that contribute to the advancement of medical treatments. Recognising this, in 2008, AccessCR initiated an annual Clinical Trials Honour Roll.

On International Clinical Trials Day, 20th May for 2008 to 2012, AccessCR published an Honour Roll with people and organisations nominated by themselves or others for their contribution to clinical research in the previous year.

Over 500 individuals and organisations involved in clinical trials were recognised via the Honour Rolls.
To view past Honour Rolls, visit

Note: International Clinical Trials' Day was launched by the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network ( in 2004 to promote clinical trials. It is celebrated on the 20th of May each year recognising the day that James Lind ( started a controlled trial to test different treatments for scurvy in sailors (20th of May 1747).


2009 Save Australian Clinical Trials Campaign                          

Due to increasingly complex ethical and governance requirements, increased costs, and difficulties recruiting volunteers for trials, Australia has found it challenging attracting trials compared to other nations whose governments have specifically focused on increasing their trial activity.

In 2009 AccessCR felt the need to highlight the problem of declining clinical trial competitiveness and launched the Save Australian Clinical Trials Campaign. This campaign ran for 6 weeks during October-November 2009 and offered people an opportunity to voice their own views regarding the value of clinical trials to Australia.
CLICK HERE to view the opinions expressed during this campaign about the value of clinical trials to Australia.

Encouraging Public Involvement in Medical Research and Clinical Trials

We are committed to encouraging the public to learn more about clinical research, and to get involved, both as participants or by contributing their time and lived health experience to researchers in order to improve the research questions, conduct and spreading of the results. Learn more at Research4Me.


Research 4 Me



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