What We Do


AccessCR Pty Ltd is an independent consultancy providing advice and services to improve clinical trial efficiency, oversight, compliance and recruitment, and

helping patients access clinical trials and have a voice in the conduct of research and development of new therapeutics.


We can provide advice on and assistance writing policies, procedures, or solving operational issues with a specific project.


One-on-one professional mentoring or small group training on various topics related to running trials, for example, documentation, budgetting, recruitment, patient engagement and involvement.


With an extensive professional and consumer network, we can help you find the help and connections you need.


Sharing resources and stories to help the public and health professionals understand, find and access clinical trials, and encourage the research and therapeutics industry to engage and involve people in their work.

Advocacy & Outreach

We are passionate advocates for the value of clinical trials, the inclusion of the patient voice in R&D, and solving the issues that impede researchers and patients around clinical trials.

Helping You

Whether you are a trial sponsor, site, health or research institution, government agency, patient, carer or consumer group, we exist to help support you around clinical trials. Chat to us about your needs.